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What to Expect : Working With High Tides

Friends & Future Clients,

Hello! We are so excited to start working on your project with you.

Many people have never been through the process of working with a web designer. I'm sure you have some questions and are curious on the timeline/what the process entails.

You've most likely already received a quote/invoice from us which is itemized with descriptions and pricing. If you are looking to get a price quote, do so here. 50% of the invoice is due before we begin your project & the remaining 50% is due once we are complete with your project (before we publish the site).

Once we receive the first half of the payment, we will create a shared google drive folder which is only accessible by the team at High Tides & you (and whomever else you would like to get access to - we need their email for this). Within the folder will be a form for you (your team) to fill out and provide information (content/copy/inspiration/SEO). As well, inside the folder will be sub-folders for you to place images/logo files into. Once we receive completion of the form or notice of when you will be complete with the form by, we will then give you your official start date.

If you already have/paid for your own Premium Plan on Wix please send us Contributor Status for that.

To do so, click here.

Logo Creation (if applicable) will begin first. If you are getting a custom logo created by our team -- the logo process will begin first. We want to create/finalize the logo before we start designing your site. Your logo is what represents you and your brand/business. We can your users to instantly associate your logo with your brand/business. The colors, fonts and design layouts of your finalized logo will then be used throughout your site to create uniformity. Once you receive an official start date for your logo design, it takes 7-10 days for you to receive the first logo file creations. We will upload logos into the google drive and send you direct access to them. The first round is getting familiar with what you are envisioning. By taking notes on the logos (not just as a whole) but giving feedback on what colors, fonts & layouts you like/do not like from each of the logos. With this feedback, our team will then provide 3 more revisions on the logos to perfect the final file. We will then create a new sub-folder within the google drive with multiple logo files (PNG, JPEG, etc.), hex color codes and fonts used in the logo.

The Web Design Process is broken up into phases.

Phase 1 - Once you receive your start date, we will provide you with a rough draft viewing after 10 - 14 days. If we have any questions for you during the process, we will reach out via email. With the rough draft will also be a list of items we still need, questions and feedback.

Phase 2 - After previewing the rough draft of you site + the list of items we sent over, you will then send us over your feedback/revisions via a PDF/Word Doc. in detail. *Remember, there are 4 revisions in our web design package - take your time and go over the site a few times. Once we receive the revision feedback we will edit the site with all revisions/feedback (allow 3-5 days for revisions). This process will proceed for four total redivisions.

Phase 3 - Finalizing on-page SEO is the next phase. Once the design of the site/images/copy are complete and approved by you & your team. Once we get the approval that all design elements are final, we will complete some of the steps of on-page SEO. Creating Alt Codes for all images and logos, Settings H1's & 2's, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and more.

Phase 4 - Mobile Optimization is the final phase of the process. The mobile view is quite different then desktop as the screen size is smaller. Making sure the mobile experience is the same seamless navigation as the desktop experience is our ultimate goal. As 2 out of 3 Americans are cell phone owners browsing from smart devices, creating an optimized mobile presence is an absolute necessity. Optimizing your website to mobile devices guarantees that you will reach a much wider audience and provide prospects with easy access to your website, anytime, anywhere.

We are ready to publish the site!

Before we publish the website, we do ask for the final 50% of the invoice. Once we receive the final payment, we will schedule your project to go LIVE! High Tides schedules to publish sites early AM on EST/EDT. After we publish, our team will test your site out on multiple devices to navigate through the site and make sure all functions/features/design are in place. If we need to make any small edits we will then republish.

After publishing the site, our team will manually upload your websites sitemap directly to Google Console to speed up the indexing process. Uploading the sitemap to Google Search Console is also beneficial to see Performance, Coverage, Experience and Enhancements.

High Tides is here for you even after the web design process is complete. We have some different options for our clients who need additional services. Our Maintenance Plans are monthly plans for clients who need monthly edits/additions to their site and want us to be the ones to provide this services for them. We offer different tiers of packages for different needs/goals. We also have some clients who prefer to reach out whenever they need help (maybe its every few months or so) and we billed then individually for edits/additions.

Do you and your team feel comfortable to make the edits/additions yourself? We do provide a Wix consulting/tutoring session where we jump on a video call, share our screen and go over your site specially for you and what you need to know to make the changes.


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