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Best Apps on Wix for your Small Business

Get started creating your dream site with the help of Wix Apps.

Many people often think that when building a website on Wix, you are limited to the amount of customization abilities. This however is false, Wix allows businesses to customize their websites to grow their brand and promote their business using different apps in the editor. Within the Wix Market are hundreds of different apps (some free some paid) that are great business strategies for different companies. This allows the business to use the tools within the Wix Platform and the freedom of customization in terms of their website’s features, capabilities and the way users interact with their site. Depending on the type of plan you have purchased for your businesses site through Wix, these apps run completely FREE!

Wix Get Subscribers-Lets business owners grow their subscriber list with personalized signup boxes, thank you messages, and matching colors on signup forms to their website’s branding. The app lets you customize fonts, form fields and settings/layouts.

Wix FAQ- Lets business owners to reduce time spent on providing customer support. It is set up for just a one-time occurrence, but you should keep content located there up-to-date. You can also add images and videos and group questions by category. Most business owners create an entire page for this app and will link it to the main menu bar.

Wix Bookings- Lets business owners keep track of appointments, meetings, conferences bookings and more. The app is one of the most comprehensive offered by Wix, as it allows business owners to set up in a few minutes and to take bookings 24/7.

Wix Stores- Provides all of the necessary tools required to take your customers on an eCommerce journey powered by Wix. The app is wildly popular, which can be judged by the over two million eCommerce pros who use Wix Stores. Both Digital and Physical products can be uploaded and sold. Shipping, payments, inventory and receipts are all created within this app.

Wix Blog- A business blog is a great way to engage site visitors and educate them about your business and products. It's perfect tool for small business owners. Create new posts, add categories, manage comments and more.

Wix Events- Create and display multiple events on your website, sell tickets, accept RSVPs, send beautiful invitations and manage guest lists. The app is perfect for managing conferences, meetups, webinars and company parties.

Instagram feed- Choose from tons of beautiful layouts, everything from grid and slider to collage, and embed this on your site. When clicked on, it automatically links to your social media. This embedded feed is usually in the footer or at the bottom of a page on the site.

Wix Pro Gallery- Creating a professional-looking gallery as a photographer can be time-consuming, but certainly is a necessary part of the job. This app makes this process simpler and less time- consuming.

Wix Video- Present your videos and select the perfect layout, design and more. You can even promote and sell videos, offering monthly subscriptions and collect earnings with zero commission. Trying to go live? This is the app for you. Within this app, you are also able to embed videos from other social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Back to Top-Puts you in control of the button’s style, position, size and colors that fit the scheme of your business website. You often see this feature at the bottom of a page. Once clicked it takes the user to the top of the page without them having to scroll back up. This provides a great user experience.

Map- Lets business owners create a unique user experience, and give customers the satisfaction of knowing exactly where they are heading.

Site Search- Do you have a lot of information or products on your site? Make your website’s content easily findable by adding a search function. This can help reduce the time customers spend locating products, services, blog posts and more.

We hope the information provided helps you better decide how to customize your own site. Contact us now for a free quote on a web design, we can chat about which apps would best optimize your sites user-experience.


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